Sine Die (adjournment) is March 30 and Georgia lawmakers are working around the clock to advance legislation and ensure favorable passage before the gavel raps at Midnight.
General Assembly Passes 2018 Budget
Earlier this week, the General Assembly fulfilled their constitutional duty by passing a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2018.  HB44, which prioritizes education, transportation, includes pay raises for teachers, law enforcement officers, and DFCS case workers.
The FY2018 Budget also includes funding for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice’s first Transition Center and Transportation Hub, which will be built in Gwinnett County. Through this Transition Center, we can turn troubled teens into well-adjusted members of society while reducing the burden on local law enforcement.  To learn more, click HERE.
Georgia Ag Awareness Week at the Capitol
During Georgia Ag Awareness Week at the State Capitol, lawmakers paused to recognize farmers for doing their part to grow Georgia’s oldest and largest industry.  With one in seven Georgians working in ag (or related fields) and an economic impact topping $75 billion, agriculture is the backbone of our economy and certainly deserves to be prioritized and praised in the State Capitol.
Cyber Security
Cyber security remains a key concern around the country and here in Georgia. I introduced SB117, which empowers the Georgia Technology Authority to set cyber policies for all state agencies, to ensure consistency, predictability, and safety in your government. This week, it passed in the General Assembly and now heads to the Governor’s Desk for signature.
Brookwood High Swim and Dive Team Visits the Capitol

This week, we welcomed the Brookwood High School Swim and Dive Team to the State Capitol. Governor Deal and I were proud to present them with a copy of SR367, which recognizes their program’s numerous accomplishments and rich history of success!
Mental Health Bill Passes in Senate
SB52, which I sponsored, passed earlier this week in the General Assembly. If signed into law by Governor Deal, this bill will provide Licensed Professional Counselors the authority to perform emergency examinations for involuntary evaluation and treatment for mental illness, alcohol, or drug abuse.
Jacob Oldknow Visits the Capitol
This week, I was honored to welcome Jacob Oldknow from Brookwood High School to the State Capitol. As you probably know, Jacob serves as the manager on numerous sports team and has earned honors for his performance in the classroom. Despite having cerebral palsy, Jacob has excelled. His life has inspired many – including myself – to work harder and achieve more!
Growing Georgia Jobs
This week, the State Senate passed HB199, which expands the tax credit given to interactive entertainment companies who bring jobs and investment to communities throughout the state.  This legislation updates the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act and keeps the Peach State competitive.
As always, I am honored to serve you in the State Senate.  If I can ever be of assistance, please call (404.656.7454), e-mail ( or engage on Facebook.  I look forward to seeing you soon!
P.K. Martin
District 9
Georgia State Senate