Prioritizing Transportation Improvements

 In Gwinnett, we face the realty of traffic and gridlock every day. That’s why I have made it a priority to work with state and local officials to ensure we receive the funding we need for important transportation improvements like the planned upgrades to 316. I also supported statewide transportation reform that will devote needed resources to improvements to mitigate congestion.

Putting Students First—Not Testing

Education should be about putting students first to ensure they receive the world-class education they deserve to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. That’s why in the State Senate I have support efforts to increase flexibility for parents, students, and teachers and reduced the dependence on testing. We must continue putting students—and not testing or mandates first.

Balanced Budgets. Protecting Taxpayers

I have been proud to support balanced state budgets that fund priorities like education, public safety and transportation without raising taxes. Moving forward, I will support efforts at the State Capitol to keep spending in check and reduce the tax burden on our families and small businesses. You can do more with your money than the government.


Growing Our Economy

Georgia is the #1 state in the nation to do business. As your Senator, I am committed to keeping it that way. With hundreds of thousands of new jobs, the lowest unemployment rate since the Great Recession, and a booming film industry that results in $9.5 billion per year for our economy, I will continue to be an unwavering advocate for lower taxes and less regulation to foster growth. And I will continue to push efforts to attract high-tech industry and jobs along the 316 corridor. 316 is primed to be a catalyst for economic growth—connecting UGA and GGC, Gwinnett Tech and then Georgia Tech and leading medical facilities like Gwinnett Medical. We must continue the push to attract the high-tech, high-paying jobs of tomorrow and attract innovative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Illegal Immigration

Here in Gwinnett, we see the benefits of growing diversity in our community and our economy every day, and I will continue to be a strong supporter of legal immigration. However, I will also ensure our laws are enforced here in Georgia to continue curbing the tide of illegal immigration and ensure illegal immigrants do not receive benefits funded by hardworking taxpayers.

Standing Up For Our Veterans

I am committed to supporting our veterans who have served to protect us. That’s why I have supported numerous efforts to protect our veterans, including a law that makes it a crime to falsely claim you are a veteran or a recipient of a military award or decoration. Our veterans fought with valor to keep us safe.  We must do our part to ensure that their service is never undermined.

Leading By Example and Making You Proud  

All other issues aside, I have worked hard every day as your State Senator to lead by example, listen to you, and make you proud in both my votes and actions. You have my word that I will continue to do so with your continued support.

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