As we dream about where we are going, we cannot ever lose focus on the principles that Gwinnett’s success was built upon. We have to continue to respect our neighbors, adopt policies that allow for the continued delivery of efficient government and education, and continue to stand for ethical public service.

We have a chance to be an example to the rest of the country to be an example of what a successful, diverse community looks like.

That’s what drives me. As always, I am honored to serve you in the State Senate. Every day, I strive to represent your interests and provide leadership that makes you proud.”

2018 Session Highlights: 

Tax Cuts 

I was proud to carry legislation that will result in the largest tax cut in state history and the first income tax cut since WWII. The tax reform passed this year will reduce the state income tax from 6% to 5.5% and double the standard deduction to keep more money in your pocket.

Fully Funding Our Schools 

This year for the first time in decades the state will fully fund its share of funding for our local schools. This action will result in over $17 million in additional funding for Gwinnett County K-12 schools.

School Safety 

School safety is also an issue of serious concern for our school officials, parents and students. That’s why this year we included school security grants for local school systems. This will lead to over $1.2 million in school security grants for Gwinnett schools. The Georgia Senate also approved a study committee on School Safety to ensure preparedness in school safety to help curb incidents of violence.

Freedom in Education 

To promote freedom and choice in education, we passed an increase to the cap for Student Scholarship Organizations and increased funding for charter schools in Georgia.



To continue working to tackle the traffic that is impacting everyone in Gwinnett and metro-Atlanta, H.B. 930 was passed this session to set up governance for regional transit. In this sweeping reform a framework will be put into place to allow Gwinnett County to handle transit the Gwinnett way. It also guarantees that funding raised in Gwinnett stays in Gwinnett for projects that will benefit our citizens.

We also continued to invest significant resources in to roads and transportation improvements to reduce congestion and improve safety.

Other Notable Legislation: 

SB17, the Brunch Bill, which allows local jurisdictions to set up referendum to allow for alcohol sales by the drink at 11:00AM on Sundays

Strengthened our law making it a felony to knowingly and intentionally provide firearms to a convicted felon

Gave citizens more control of your credit history by allowing for free credit freezes and thaws

Made hacking into someone’s computer a crime 

Helped prevent college tuition increases by continuing efforts to promote cost savings, transparency, and efficiency within higher education.