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In the Senate, I’ve done what I said I would do– led by example to make you proud.

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Standing Up For Our Community

From new jobs, better schools, less government, and lower taxes, I am proud to stand up for our community on the issues that matter…READ MORE

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Making Us Proud

Above all else, I promised to make you proud. That’s why every day I have served with integrity and made our shared interests and…READ MORE

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(Lawrenceville, GA) – This week, Senator P.K. Martin was appointed by Governor Deal to serve on the Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee of the House and Senate. The Governor has called a meeting of this committee on June 13th. The Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee of the House and Senate has members appointed by the Governor, Lt. Governor and the Speaker of the House. The Committee’s responsibility is to approve the transfer of funds within the state’s budget and typically meets once a year prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year. Said Sen. Martin, “I look forward to serving on this Committee and appreciate the appointment by…READ MORE

40 Days

Friends, After 40 legislative days at the State Capitol, the Georgia Senate is adjourned Sine Die. Here are a few highlights from the 2017 Legislative Session: HB9 – Sanctuary Campuses  The Georgia General Assembly passed legislation to defund any public or private university that refuses to comply with immigration officials and immigrations laws. HB9 is an important step towards keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe on campus. HB44 – FY2018 Budget As constitutionally mandated, the legislature passed (and the Governor signed) a balanced budget for fiscal year 2018 that prioritizes education, transportation, and public safety. The $25 billion budget includes well-deserved pay raises for…READ MORE

Legislative Update

Friends, Sine Die (adjournment) is March 30 and Georgia lawmakers are working around the clock to advance legislation and ensure favorable passage before the gavel raps at Midnight. General Assembly Passes 2018 Budget Earlier this week, the General Assembly fulfilled their constitutional duty by passing a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2018.  HB44, which prioritizes education, transportation, includes pay raises for teachers, law enforcement officers, and DFCS case workers. The FY2018 Budget also includes funding for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice’s first Transition Center and Transportation Hub, which will be built in Gwinnett County. Through this Transition Center, we can turn troubled teens into well-adjusted…READ MORE

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